Friday, 7 July 2017


Hi guysssss!!!! I'm back with new sssssstuff and ssssssome more explossssions assssss alwaysssss!!!!!!!!!!! Yessssterday we went to Timbernook and we had a load of fun and we made lotsssss of things and we were allowed to take them home!!!! How cool isssss that!!!! Firsssssst I made pretend food and then I joined in another game and we got dirty and we were not far from being mudmen!!!!!!! It was good to get moving and get away from sssssssschoolwork!!!!

We were making hutssss and it wasssss good to jussssst play around and be yourssssssself and we had the coolessssssssst hut in the world but it got taken over by otherssssss. That wassssssss sssssssso lame. But I don't mind. I DUNNA CARE!!!!!! OKAY?! BYE GUYSSSSSSS!!!!


  1. Hi Jill it's Siyona here I like how you made your story funnnnny theeer issssssss sooooooo mucchhhhhhh informachonnnnnnn

  2. Hi Jill it's Siyona here I like how you made your story funnnnny theeer issssssss sooooooo mucchhhhhhh informachonnnnnnn onnnnnnmnn yourrrrrrrrr slidddddddddddd blogggggggg youuuuuuuu laterrrrrrrrrr.

  3. Hi Jill, Tobey here!
    This issss sooooo funny and is a really good explaining of what we did!
    Maybe next time you could add some pictures anyway bye for now!

  4. HI I really like it you seemed very exited to right about iiit sssoooo What was your favorite part I liked building huts.

  5. Kia ora Jill Sita here.
    It looks like you had a lot of fun there. I like the way you have set this out. Its kind of funny how you would add a lot of 'ssssss' in some of the words. I was just wondering, have you ever been to Timbernook before??
    Keep up the FANTASTIC work!
    Bye!!! :):):)

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  7. Kia ora Jill
    I did enjoy seeing you having a good time at Timbernook. The game you and Regan were playing was very cool, especially the hats. It was a shame that other people were annoying others in their huts. I'd like to go again with a smaller group of students.

  8. Hi Jill Tyler here!
    The Trip was really fun. It's good to know you had a lot of fun.
    Next time could you explain a bit more about it.

  9. Hi Jill it is Camryn and I read your timbernook story it is really good what will your next writing be about because you are good but I won't to read it keep the good work up goodbye.

  10. Cool Jill It's jake here and that is really cool but it's kind of annoying how you have done thissssss it's really breaking the story.

  11. Ni hoa Jill, Milan here
    I like how you enjoyed the trip and that you you were so behaved on the trip, It was cool how you made your own imagination and that you were so active. I have a question what was your favorite part of the trip my favorite was to make the fire or stove for the pancakes. It was cool that you told us how you enjoyed the trip and that you told us what you did. See you later!!!

  12. Hi Jill TJ here I was reading your timbernook I love the story it was really good and it was easy to read well done on you blog hope you liked it but keep it up blog u later.

  13. Kia ora Jill, this is really good story Jill you have extended your words heaps it looks realistic. Kai pai Jill it sounds like you had so much fun keep it up you are going really well.

  14. HI Jill Chelsea here.
    I love this blog post because there is so much information in this.
    Next time can you not do so many of the same letter that will be good.

    But see you next time.


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